AAA Elite Reporting


There are many reasons an attorney may wish to preserve a witness's testimony for trial. Some of those reasons are listed below.

Videotaped testimony can speak volumes in a courtroom.   AAA Elite Reporting uses only highly-trained legal videographers who utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the videos produced are the highest quality.

* If a key witness cannot attend a trial, a videotaped deposition can often be the next best thing. The judge and jury are not only able to listen to the witness, but also see the witness at the same time. They can pick up on nonverbal cues that would often be critical on the stand, such as body language, hesitancy, vocal inflections, demeanor, volume, etc. The majority of these cues do not come across to the reader in a standard deposition transcript.

* Under the right circumstances, using a video deposition to present background and foundational testimony improves the flow of evidence, eliminates calling witnesses out of order, and improves clarity to the jury.


* A video deposition can be more cost effective than calling an expert witness to trial, and the power of the witness is preserved because the demeanor and testimony of the witness is on full display for the jury.

* Videotaped testimony may be your only opportunity to make a direct and forceful presentation to a key decision-maker in a case.

* Video can grab the attention of an inattentive juror and make a witness's testimony more memorable than simply reading from a deposition transcript. Jurors will relate more to live testimony than to a deposition transcript read by someone on the stand.

The proper use of video depositions
can help a litigator's case!